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We develop digital experiences

Digital is quite normal. Of course, digital offers set standards for the expectations of an entire generation.

Always on

Always accessible and above all easily available. As a digital agency in Freiburg we know: This is a challenge for small and medium-sized companies. We think from a human perspective and focus on relevant information - sometimes less is more.

As a digital agency we combine ideas with knowledge about users and technology. On the way to the finished digital product we orientate ourselves on this design process:


Understanding the task

Only someone who knows where he's going will know when he's there. That is why we question our task and reflect it in a rebriefing.

Users understand

What makes it easy for some people, makes others desperate. We try to understand the users and their environment in order to offer them a suitable solution.



What is relevant for the user at this moment? This is the central question, the step-by-step answer to which provides us with the blueprint for websites, POS touch screens or software.



There is not only one way to the goal. We show different routes and test them with the users if necessary.


From the user concept on a large scale to micro-interaction. Prototypes give the customer and the digital agency the security to talk about the same things during development and to be on the right track together.


Simplest Fastest Working solution implement and improve from this basis.

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