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Markets are conversations. That's why successful communication is the basis of economic success.

Personality communicated

In conversation, people seek agreement with their conversation partner, the basis of a relationship. People are aware of themselves and communicate from their position. They have a natural personality.

Brands, on the other hand, face the challenge of communicating without contradiction, and thus laying the foundation for a differentiable brand personality. To convey a clear brand image, we work with our communication platform:

Brand essence


Values create identification, they form the solid core. Corporate values cannot be invented - only found out - the chance for us as a design agency and our clients lies in the trenchant and emotional formulation. 


Specifies how the company positions itself: in comparison with the competition, with its services, with its products. In accordance with and based on the values. 

Levels of communication

Like people, brands communicate not only with words, but also with deeds and with their general appearance. As a design agency, our focus is on the creative implementation of an idea. But it doesn't stop there: The best first impression needs support through consistent communication and behaviour.

Experience chain

Companies are present in many channels. A continuous chain of experience and thus a clear picture is a more demanding goal that we do not lose sight of.

corporate identity

We think the experience chain from the company side: In which channels can the brand be present and convey the appropriate messages.


We look at the chain of experience from the customer's point of view: When do we need what information to make a decision?


A successful brand is attractive through a clear position that communicates it in a comprehensible and credible way.

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