Information architecture

  • Concepts for websites and applications
  • Prototyping

Web design

  • Company and brand websites
  • Product and landing pages 

Interaction Design

  • App and interface design
  • Infographics, visualization, animation

Mobile applications

  • Mobile apps
  • Device Lab Freiburg
Digital agency in Freiburg - Chart

Print Communication

Corporate Communications

  • Communication concepts
  • Image brochures
  • Annual reports

Internal communication

  • Brandbooks
  • Employee campaigns

Product communication

  • Campaigns and advertisements
  • Catalogues and brochures

Names and claims

  • Naming and naming systems
  • Claims
Advertising agency in Freiburg - Diagram

Brand CI/CD

Visual identity

  • Corporate design
  • Key visuals and icons
  • Visual language

Design mediation

  • Brandbooks
  • Corporate Design Guidelines

Brand in the room

  • Guidance and orientation systems

Corporate publishing

  • Publication Hierarchies
  • Customer and employee magazines
Design agency in Freiburg - Diagram


We empower our customers with training that is tailored to their challenges. No unnecessary topics, just that and exactly as needed.


  • Applying templates correctly
  • Quick to the finished presentation


  • Apply templates
  • Automation


  • Basic InDesign knowledge (structure, tools, functions)
  • Advanced knowledge of InDesign (from presetting to printing)
  • Use of individual templates
Design training courses in Freiburg - Diagram

Implementation support

We accompany our customers until the finished product.
Depending on the project, this includes, for example

  • Print set
  • Final artwork
  • Office Templating
  • Photo and video shootings
  • Image editing
  • Proofreading